Soldier Salutes His Biggest Hero. When I Saw Who It Was, I Instantly Burst Into Tears

This isn’t the typical supermarket you usually find floating around on your television. Instead of blaring on and on about their great deals and quality, they take a look at just some of the many things we should be thanking our troops for.
Food City Supermarkets is headquartered in Abingdon, Virginia, and has been serving the Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee area since 1918. They’ve been around a while, seeing generations of armed forces come and go. The scene opens up on a sunny day, and as an old veteran gets up to put on his uniform, his family is preparing an all-American barbecue outside. As the festivities are getting into gear, a yellow cab pulls up to the home and a younger soldier steps out of the cab.
Watch the video to see the touching moment that follows.
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[Source: Food City]

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