Skin Patch Could Help Control Diabetes

A revolutionary skin patch is in the works that could both monitor glucose levels and administer medication as needed. Instead of invasive finger prick testing and shots, the patch would painlessly provide both testing and medication in a non-invasive way.

The patch contains small sensors that detect glucose levels through sweat. If glucose levels are too high, the patch automatically releases insulin or metformin through micro-needles.

Made of flexible, thin material, the patch is designed to be comfortable while worn on the wrist. Users will also have the option to install a wireless transmitter to the patch so they can have their glucose levels data sent to their smartphone.

The patch isn’t yet available on the market. It still needs further testing to insure it works in all conditions. Since the glucose levels are measured through sweat, it will need to be vetted in cold weather.

 [Source: Hui Won Yun, Seol National University]

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