She Saw All Her Neighbors Leaving Coolers On Their Porches. Then She Found Out Why. Truly Amazing…

When a heatwave struck Oklahoma during the summer of 2015, the unbearable temperatures overwhelmed local residents. While many called in sick to work and just stayed home in their air conditioned homes, countless others did not have that luxury.

For those Oklahomans who work outside, the heatwave made life dangerous. Heat stroke was a real possibility and dehydration was a constant threat.

Despite the dangerous temperatures, the men and women of the United States Postal Service still got up and did their job. Delivering mail isn’t easy and when the weather doesn’t cooperate, the job can be downright difficult.
Fortunately, the kind-hearted residents of Oklahoma realized that the dehydrating task the USPS workers had to complete. In order to help them get through their day, they decided to make a difference.
Kind residents put coolers filled with ice-cold beverages on their porches to make life for letter carriers and other delivery people easier during the heatwave.
This trend started in a community known as The Village. The sweet gesture meant a lot to the men and women forced to work in the devilish heat.
With chilled water and Gatorade on front porches, working the unbearable summer months got a lot easier.

Watch the news report below to see how generous The Village homeowners were for the postmen and women during the summer’s firestorm.

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