Rescue Cows Dudley And Destiny Fell In Love The Moment They Met

Dudley has had a long and amazing adventure, and is finally home at The Second Gentle Barn in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has a prosthetic foot that fits him perfectly and he spends his days grazing, playing, and meditating under a giant shade tree. His story, however, is not finished without someone to share his paradise with.

Destiny was born and raised on a beef ranch. When she was born, she had an umbilical cord infection which went into her blood stream and settled in her right front leg. The vet did not want to give her antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medication because she was supposed to be eaten. The farmer, feeling helpless and wanting to help, massaged Destiny's leg every day and cleaned out the abscess once it opened and drained, and finally got Destiny walking.

But Destiny still had compromised mobility and it was getting worse as she grew. Through the healing process, the farmer bonded with Destiny and did not want to see her go to slaughter, and to instead get him the help he needed. He contacted The Gentle Barn, which was able to fit Dudley with a prosthetic foot with the help of the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Now Dudley can run and play like he never could before, and is loving every minute of it.

"Dudley will spend the rest of his life at The Gentle Barn Tennessee giving hope and inspiration to children and adults with physical challenges of their own," Andrea Burritt of The Gentle Barn told The Dodo.

Dudley now has love, health, happiness, and family; Dudley finally has his happily ever after. Destiny deserves a happy ending too.

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