Man Tries To Fix His Broken Washing Machine, Gets His Head Hilariously Stuck Instead

In China, a Fujian man was trying to fix his broken washing machine but things didn’t go well as he accidentally gets his head stuck inside it.

Apparently, the washing machine was still on when he put his head inside to inspect it and quickly discovered the problem – he was stuck.

Luckily, his roommates were there and able to turn off the machine but they can’t help it but burst into tears after witnessing the guy’s hilarious state. They tried their best to pull him out but they were unsuccessful. Thus, they called the emergency service later on.

Fire fighters came and also tried to pull him out by hand but to no avail as he was stuck inside really tight.

So they decided to use power tools to free the man and finally they were able to release him from his ridiculous prison.

Problem solved! But he’s going to need a new washing machine I guess.

Getting your head stuck like this is totally hilarious, somehow I can’t help but fell sorry for the guy. The feeling of helplessness can be traumatic sometimes. Though I admit it, this story really loled me!

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