Groom Shares Tear-Worthy Wedding Dance with Mother Battling ALS

Luke Rheault and his wife Kristeena wed back in November 2008, but it wasn’t just until this year that the bride decided to post her husband’s incredibly emotional video to YouTube. Luke had planned to do a special mother and son dance at the wedding with his mom, Rebekah, who had been diagnosed with ALS just a year before they tied the knot.

When the song “Hero,” by Mariah Carey began playing, Luke was towering over his mom in her wheelchair and unexpectedly dropped to his knees as he asked her to dance. Luke said he had no idea of the impact it had on the surrounding guests at the time, he just wanted her to feel special in that very moment.

Not surprisingly, Kristeena said there was not a dry eye in the house – the tears started from the moment Luke dropped to his knees. Sadly, Rebekah died ten months after she and her son shared their special dance.

Watch for yourself, but fair warning, it’s likely to require a tissue or two.

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