Everyone’s Shocked When A 6th Grade Choir Sings THIS – Wait Til You Hear What It Is

A choir director in Scottsdale, Arizona is reminding us all that art takes form in many ways and is showing her class how. Andrea Squires, of Canyon Desert Middle School, sways in time to the tune of Silento’s “Watch Me” which has captured the attention of every radio station, club, and now this particular classroom.
The camera pans over a group of sixth-graders. It’s nothing unusual until they begin belting out the chorus, “Now watch me whip/Now watch me Nae Nae.” However, they’ve given the pop culture anthem a classical twist. Instead of a catchy, synthetically bright beat, the piano accompanies the sixth-graders’ more vocal-heavy rendition of the song. “The song that we sang right before this at the concert was an aria from a Handel Opera. So it’s important to me to touch on a wide variety of genres when I’m teaching my middle school students,” says Squires.
Silento himself posted about the choir to his Twitter account, and it has since gone viral. The outpour of attention that the choir received has actually sparked more and more children’s interest in joining the choir come the following term, a fact that is music to Squires’ ears.
Watch the video below to hear it for yourself.
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