Deaf Man Rescues A Frightened Deer Trapped In Ice, But Her Response Completely Stunned Him

 Steven Peterson was driving home from a family holiday, when he noticed a shocking sight. He saw something splashing around in the icy Kettle River below the bridge he was crossing.
He did not think much of it at first, and kept driving. However, something kept bothering him, and he eventually turned around his vehicle and returned to the river.
 At first, Peterson wanted to call 911 to help. But because he was deaf and hearing impaired, he knew that it might take too long to communicate with the authorities. Instead, he took matters into his own hand.
 As Peterson neared the river, he realized that a deer had been stuck in the ice of the river. She was unable to pull herself back to safety, and Peterson knew he had to help out
 He tells the Duluth News Tribune,
“It was certainly risky going out on that ice, but something in my heart made me feel obligated to save this creature.”
With some quick thinking, Peterson grabbed a nylon strap out of his truck and hiked through thick snow to reach the river’s edge.
 He crawled on the fragile ice and attempted to approach the deer. He was fearful that the ice might crack, but he knew that he needed to help the deer.
“I would not be able to hear the ice crack, so I kept my eyes on a swivel looking for fractures.”
Finally, Peterson was able to tie the strap around the deer’s head, but it was difficult to pull the deer out of the water.
 However, with perseverance and determination, Peterson managed to do so. The deer was finally able to catch her breath. Although her fur was completely covered in ice, she could now recover and return to her home.

Watch the video and see Steven tell the story using American Sign Language:
[Source: Youtube]
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