Dad And His Little Girl Pose For The Camera. Seconds Later, The Unthinkable Happens...

 Every father is a superhero in disguise. At times when his kid is in danger, he is always there to save the day. He shows off his good reflexes and be quick to catch his little one from falling. Yes, he may have super powers that can prevent incidents from turning into total disasters. But despite his dependable reputation, he can also be funny and strong at the same time.
Well, we all have that special moment when our dads came over to rescue us from unfortunate events. But I am sure the instances below will make you want to thank him for being always there.
He will catch you when you come rolling over from the snow.
 He will run fast to save you from the rustling toy car.
 He will act quickly when you feel like falling from a horse.
 He does not care if he’ll drown as long as you are safe.
 He will be there to comfort you at times when you are going down.
 He will stop whatever he’s doing to make sure you don’t fall down.
Dads are just awesome, right? Watch the video and see these awesome dads in action!
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