Couple Is Out Boating In The Gulf Of Mexico. Suddenly, They See THIS Pop Out Of The Water

Joey Myrick was separated from his dog, Jägermeister, who had gone overboard sometime on their maritime adventure. Somewhere miles out at sea, Jägermeister had jumped into the ocean while Myrick had gone to check his equipment. When he came back, his pooch was nowhere to be seen. After a long search, he contacted the Coast Guard, frantic to find his dog.
A group of boaters celebrating a birthday came across the most unusual sight while enjoying their day out at sea. What they thought was a buoy was in fact a little 15-lbs Jack Terrier wearing an animal life vest floating about five miles from shore. It was Jägermeister!The little dog was still alive and paddled his way to the boaters as soon as he spotted them. Once hoisted onto the boat, he flopped down on the deck, exhausted but safe.
Water conditions that day meant choppy waves and reduced visibility. Finding a 15-inch dog in an endless stretch of water in those settings would have been near-impossible. The fact that little Jägermeister was found is nothing short of a miracle. “If we weren’t as close as we were, within five or ten feet, we wouldn’t have seen him,” said Shawn Sahr, one of the boaters who found the dog.
In the middle of printing fliers for his lost dog, Myrick got the call from the Coast Guard that his canine companion had been found. By his calculations, Jägermeister had floated 14 miles away from where he was believed to have gone overboard.
Losing your beloved family pet is a nightmare, but luckily for Myrick his nightmare came to an end. During the reunion, he said, “I had given up. I had searched as long as I could and we just couldn’t see him, and we just thought we lost him.”
Watch this video to learn more about Jägermeister’s rescue.
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