Chewbacca Mum's Viral Fame Just Got Her Something Amazing

[Source: Youtube]
The famous Chewbacca Mum taught us all to enjoy the simple things in life, last month, after she shot to international fame with millions watching her laugh in a Wookie mask.
Now Candace Payne has been watched by over 150 million people, broken the record for Facebook Live streams, driven James Corden to work and, best of all, met the real life Chewie, Peter Mayhew.
She even managed to score a couple more of the currently sold out, Chewbacca masks for the rest of her family, NBC reports.
 So what’s next for the chuckling mum in the Wookie mask? Well, she’s going to university of course.
To be specific, Candace and her whole clan have been lucky enough to be offered a full scholarship to the Christian higher education institute of Southeastern University in Florida.
Now Candace, her husband and their two children can apply for University free of charge at some point, if they so wish.
Southeastern University President Dr. Kent Ingle said:
  Candace has inspired us and others with her joy, and we want her and her family to experience some of that same joy through this gift…
We’re sure that this incredible show of charity from the school got Candace smiling and she said: “This is such an amazing gift for our family, I’m blown away. I mean, my kids’ college is paid for!”
Isn’t it brilliant when good things happen to good people?

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