A Heroic Man Saves A Driver From His Burning Car, Ohhh But Wait…

Our society today is so attached to social media that we want to record almost everything that is happening in our lives in exchange for fame and pleasure. Some people even film themselves before helping someone in need, such as the case in this story.

A pedestrian witnessed an accident and pulls the driver out of his burning car following a bad street racing crash. Pretty heroic for a stranger, however, he did an extra thing that might raise a lot of questions.

Before helping the injured driver, the heroic man first positioned his mobile phone and makes sure everything was being filmed.

And then he did what needs to be done, he pulled the driver out to safety.

Well, he did save the driver from the burning car and even call for extra help, though he can’t call 911 because obviously his phone was filming.

The clip uploaded by ViralHog garnered a lot of negative reactions, condemning the man’s true intention.

One commented:

    Don’t worry! I’m gonna save you!! But first…Let me take a selfie.

But some defended the man, saying that the video’s sole purpose is to be an evidence in case he was sued for saving the driver.

Otherone wrote:

    I think this man was right to record it because nowadays people will sue you for no reason even after you saved their lives. The victim could have then said the guy stole his wallet or punched him the face or twisted his neck while helping him and now he’s paralyzed.

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[Source: Youtube]

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