A Couple Were Attacked By Angry Bikers, What Happened Next Is Shockingly Unexpected

Road incidents are getting more and more alarming these days. We’ve been seeing random kidnappings, carjackings and killings on the road, most were done by notorious riding in tandems. But this video of a couple being surrounded by a group of angry bikers has take an unexpected turn of event, something that you don’t see everyday.

The couple’s car was chased down by a gang of bikers who forced them to stop.

The driver gets out and started changing words with one of the bikers.

But as the commotion heats up, the motorist pushed the man onto the front of the car while his girlfriend shockingly watched inside.

The boyfriend stands up to the thugs, however the worried girlfriend decided to get out of the car and remonstrates with the bikers.

The man then approached his girlfriend while the bikers still surrounding them.

While a fight is expected to kick off anytime, what happened next is undeniably unpredictable. Watch the video below.

Apparently, the creative boyfriend set up the entire stunt as an elaborate way to propose to his girlfriend. Talk about originality, this is certainly a one of a kind proposal that a bride will never forget.

[Source: Youtube]

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