Wife Waited Beside A Wounded Soldier, But When She Saw Him Doing THIS, Her Photo Is Going Viral

I hate to be the one saying this, but I strongly feel that we as a nation don’t do enough to thank our soldiers for serving our country. It may be easy to see these men and women in uniform as small parts of an enormous organization, but it’s story like this that remind that behind every uniform is a human being.
Army Ranger Josh Hargis outlook was bleak. After being in an enemy engagement that involved a suicide bombing and an IED attack, Josh was critically wounded.
Josh’s commanding officer visited Josh in the hospital to award him with a Purple Heart for his bravery. Josh, according to the doctors, was completely unconscious. But then a miracle happened.
As the officer prepared to give Josh the award, Josh, who was hooked to more machines than one could count, opened his eyes and began to lift his hand. Everyone around him was in absolute disbelief as he proudly brought his right hand to his head and gave a salute.
What an incredible story of a man who served our country. Josh deserves our respect for his heroism. What do you think?
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