U.S. Marine Drummers Line Up In A Parking Lot. Wait Til You See Who They're Staring At

 Battling against the U.S. Marines is indeed a risky move, especially if you are a band member and that the only weapon you know how to use is a snare drum.
In 2014, members of the III Marine Expeditionary Force, who are based in Japan, battled against the Republic of Korea Army Band, not in a bloody fight, but in a friendly drum competition.
 While the crowd was cheering for their own bets, Sgt. Benito Hijar, the trombonist of the III Marine Expeditionary Force, captured the rare instance.
The clip that was shared on YouTube, which has now amassed more than 5 million views, shows that the two bands were having the time of their lives in the parking lot of Gyeryong Military Culture Festival in South Korea.
It started with Staff Sgt. James Holt flipping a coin to identify who performs first. The group representing the Republic of Korea won the toss. Right then and there, they started to groove and delivered a flawless routine with cymbals.
And then, it was the turn of the Marines. Though they needed several seconds to deliberate, they started out smooth, advancing to their respective counterparts until they were face-to-face.
In the end, Holt was seen asking the help of the crowd to determine the winner. He seemed to have a hard time judging. So who do you think won? It’s for you to see.
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