This Video Received 25 Million Views In 3 Days. What This Dog Did Is UNBELIEVABLE!

Ettore the dog did some major damage in Anthony’s living room! Torn up holes on the couch and chewed up furniture everywhere.

Anthony was naturally pissed, and started to scold his dog for the destructive behavior. Ettore reacts to the scolding in a way that has garnered this video 25 million views! Major news outlets have even been picking up this video and airing it on TV. Anthony explains to Ettore the situation, and 20 seconds in, Ettore seems to express a heartfelt apology, literally. He puts his head right on Anthony’s heart. But is this simply a puppy dog tactic than Ettore is using on Anthony? He thinks maybe so, so he proceeds on with the scolding speech. But Ettore is either really sorry, or really good at these puppy dog tactics! He puts his paw to his shoulder, and eventually ends up hugging Anthony!

Obviously this put Anthony over the edge and he had to forgive his pooch!

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