These Kids Dressed As Jedi And Played Their Violins With Lightsabers

I understand that there are some people out there who like the Prequel Trilogy. You know, the ones with too much CGI, flat dialogue, and Jar Jar Binks. A lot of people (yours truly included) did not like these films and so we were skeptical when “The Force Awakens” came out. And then it blew us away and reminded us that it was okay to like Star Wars again.

As part of the truly massive promotion for the film, one music class with an awesome teacher decided to help organize a Star Wars themed concert. They would dress as Jedi and play music from the Star Wars films as part of their performance. But the absolute best part of this aside from their talent, is their modification of their bows to become glowing lightsabers. May the Force be with these children. Always.

[Source: Youtube]

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