Photo of Couple Hugging Surprises and Confuses the Internet

Once in a while, something comes along that unites the internet in a shared moment of confusion. Last year, a simple dress (you know the one) with ambiguous coloring sent everyone into a frenzy, turning friends against friends, sisters against brothers, and people against other people.

Recently, Reddit went bonkers over a similar phenomenon.

A photo surfaced of a couple hugging on a beach. The photo is fairly straightforward upon first glance, but after a moment of observation, something start to seem off.

Through positioning, lighting, and just plain coincidence, the legs of the two subjects seem to have been swapped.

Thankfully though, instead of tearing everyone apart, this photo seems to have brought everyone together in a shared state of confusion.

Photoshop seems to have been ruled out, as their legs are facing in the proper directions (in relation to the directions they’re facing)

Do you have an answer? Could Photoshop be the solution after all? Check out the photo and see if you can get to the bottom of this!

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