Mom Teams up with Daughter to Be Her Arms and Legs in Triathlon

Being a single mom is a tough job as it is, but one Kansas City mother went well beyond the call of duty, allowing her 9-year-old daughter to “borrow” her arms and legs so that she could compete in a triathlon.

Cecilia Niemann suffers from cerebral palsy as well as regular seizures, which can leave her unconscious for hours at a time. Mom Debbie is a lifelong athlete and wanted her daughter to experience the activities she loves, with the belief that a disability shouldn’t hold anyone back.

So, Debbie decided to enter the annual Jackson County Triathlon with Cecilia as her teammate.

Debbie told local news station Fox 4, “As a parent if I can let her borrow my arms and legs, it’s the least I can do as her mother. She faces such extreme challenges and gets up with a smile on her face no matter what.”

Debbie hoisted 68 pound Cecilia into an inflatable boat and swam 750 meters strapped to a tow rope.

"I've been a strong swimmer never a fast one,” said Debbie. “I can hear her when I come up on the swim saying ‘Go mom go!’"

"It’s incredible, incredible inspiration for others doing this and people in general,” said race fan Jim Malarkey.

She swam, biked and ran to the finish line in the Midwest’s oldest triathlon, all while pushing and pulling her daughter.

As Debbie lifted and placed Cecilia into an inflatable boat, swam with her strapped to a tow rope, and road her dual bike, the onlookers couldn’t help but be inspired.

When Debbie started to slow down on the run, she said Cecilia would put a hand up and say, “High five, mom,” which would make her go faster.

After managing to finish the race in nearly two hours, Debbie was presented with a medal, but placed it around her daughter’s neck, saying, “Nope. It’s for her.”

After the accomplishment, Cecilia seemed to have plenty of new fans who cheered her feat – along with lots of smiles, there were likely quite a few happy tears shed that day, sparked by the truly inspirational mom and daughter.

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