Mom's Taking Maternity Photos. But When The Camera Pans Out, Everyone Focuses On The Man Behind Her!

Photographer Ashley Hemple posted a photo on Facebook that quickly went viral and became famous throughout the country. At the time, Laura was pregnant with her first child and wanted Hemple to take photos. Her husband, Aaron, joined her. They chose a beautiful pond for the venue of the pictures. Laura looked amazing, but Aaron really stole the show.

Aaron posed for the photos as well. Hilariously photobombing his wife. He responds saying, "I probably did what most guys that have a beer belly would do, anybody that has a sense of humor, anyway." Such an amazing and funny couple, they have gone on to have 2 more children since this photo.

Watch The Entire Story!

So glad this photo went viral and we got a peek into the life of a real true love story. What a brilliant photobomb!

[Source: Youtube]

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