Mom Poses With Her Baby At The Beach. But Look Closely At The Water Behind Them... INCREDIBLE!

As we all know, soldiers deserve all the respect in the world, because of their sacrifices and their big efforts to keep us and our country safe. With Memorial Day right around the corner, I’ve decided to share this adorable story with you.

You are about to meet an adorable little girl who wanted to see her father so much. He was deployed in Afghanistan. As the little girl expressed how much she wanted to hug her father, her mother looked on wishing there was something she could do. Watch the beautiful surprise in the video bellow.

 Surprise military and soldier homecomings always make great viral videos, especially when they’re unique and emotional. However, this video seems to stand out among the rest.

For Bethany Bronson and her kids, it was an ordinary day at the beach. While swimming and playing around in the waters, a cameraman tried to get the family’s attention. He asked each of them, “What would you say if he was here today?” He was referring to their dad who was deployed in Afghanistan for several months for training.

“I love him and I miss him. And that I will love him for always,” said Bethany’s daughter. “Love you! Miss you,” answered Beth.

“That’s  it?” asked the cameraman. “I want your body,” Beth jokingly added.

If it wasn’t that obvious, the cameraman acted so well that Bronson still had enough time to sneak underwater using his military scuba equipment.

“Alright, I’m going to send this to him on Facebook,” the cameraman informed the girls. After those lines were thrown, the great surprise happened.

So what was the surprise all about? Guess you need to see the full video to find out. Be prepared for those tear-jerking moments.

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