Mom Asks Her Pup Why There's A Mess In The Bathroom. His Response Is Priceless!

If you have ever owned a dog before, then you know how it must feel to leave your dog home alone for the very first time. It’s a strange feeling. On one hand, you love your pup dearly. On the other hand, they are still animals, and it’s hard to trust them alone in the house with your valuables.
The video below shows you a dog owner’s worst nightmare. It’s a funny compilation video that features guilty pooches who are caught red-handed by their owners.
Dogs are naturally curious animals, and they can get carried away by their curiosity. In the video, you will see a dog who demolishes a plate of cookies meant for the family, a dog who completely ruins the bathroom, and more. When their owners catch them at the crime scene, these dogs give the cutest puppy face you will ever see. But will it be enough to appease their owner’s anger?
Watch the video below and find out!
[Source: Youtube]

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