Jealous Goat Shows No Mercy to Be Centre of Attention

Everyone loves the camera, even animals. As a goat is being filmed, another one gets jealous, wanting the spotlight all to himself.

Making sure that he gets to be the main star, he drives the unsuspecting animal away with a headbutt.

Jealous goat demands more camera time

Watch the clip below as a mischievous billy takes away the attention from another, getting all the airtime he wants. You’ll be surprised to see how vain goats can really be.

The other goat that was initially investigating the camera backs off right away. Maybe he had second thoughts about being famous, or perhaps he realized that he couldn’t handle being in the cut-throat industry.

Jealous Goat Shows No Mercy to Be Centre of Attention

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Seems like everybody loves a taste of the limelight, especially this goat!

Hey, his tactic worked: this video is making it’s way around the internet, after all.

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