Injured Marine Holds Salute For 3 Hours Straight. Now Watch What These Bikers Do...

 Despite the blazing sun, an active Marine always stands tall and strong in the middle of the street to honor the Rolling Thunder bikers as they make their way to the town every Memorial Day. He is Staff Sgt. Tim Chambers.
Chambers got the respect of the people as he stands at attention, holding a salute with a broken wrist while bikers roll by. “He just gave me chills. Like yeah, I’m impressed. I can’t believe he’s out there,” Virginia Beach resident Jenifer Philips said of the Lone Marine’s sacrifice.
 With a stiff spine and a straight shoulder, he holds his position for 3 to 5 hours. “To hold a salute that long, takes a lot of determination. It takes a lot of discipline. And this guy does it every year,” U.S. Air Force Msgt. Russ Ware said.
Chambers recalled that it all started as a way of showing his respect. And in the long run, he just realized it was a moral obligation. And since then, he has never thought of giving up.
 “They zoom by me and I get an eyeball at them. I’m trying to give every one of them the welcome they didn’t get,” Chambers said.
Now, this Lone Marine has become a bit of a celebrity. People go to every corner just to take a photo of him. But rather than thinking about fame, he hopes others will follow his example.
“I am doing this because America needs to see it and I want them to emulate that in any way they can across country,” said Chambers.
The respect shown by a veteran to his fellow veteran is indeed powerful on its own. However, watching how the bikers and the crowd gave honor to Sgt. Chambers is even more inspiring.
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