His Date's Shocked When He Stops At The Hospital On Prom Night. Then She Learns Why...

 Perhaps, prom is one of the most significant events in high school. For a night, students get to dress up elegantly like celebrities and spend the rest of the evening with all their buddies. However, because of the excitement, some high schoolers bolt straight for the venue as quickly as possible. That’s not the case for Felipe de Leon.
 When this young lad knew his grandpa would be in the hospital, he decided to do something extra special. Knowing his grandfather, wouldn’t be there to see him dressed in a tuxedo with his date, Felipe made a detour on his way to prom.
According to Felipe’s mom, her father was always there to witness every important event in the life of his son. So when he knew he was going to miss one, he was heartbroken.
 Along with his date, Felipe decided to drop by at the Kindred Hospital Clear Lake to give his grandfather a surprise he will never forget. With the cameras rolling, they walked into his grandfather’s room. Everyone is filled with emotions as they watch the young man enter in his suit and tie.
In the video, it is evident that all their reactions were priceless. In fact, they were all in tears! But be sure to keep your eyes on his date. Apparently, she’s trying her best to hold back her tears or else, her makeup will end up a total mess.
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