He Puts Bananas On Her Doorknob Everyday. When I Saw The Reason Why, I Broke Down

“Unsung Hero” is an emotional and touching advertisement created by the Thai Life Insurance Company.
The commercial follows the life of a true Good Samaritan. Everyday, a man wakes up and does the most selfless acts. He feeds a stray dog, waters a dying plant, leaves bananas for an elderly neighbor, and even gives money to a poor girl in need. Each day, his acts of kindness go unnoticed, but this man does not mind. He is not looking for recognition.
An English translation of the voiceover reads, “He gets nothing. He won’t be richer. Won’t appear on TV. Still anonymous. And not a bit more famous.”
As time progresses, the man soon learns the fruits of his work. The poor girl saves enough money to go to school, the plant he waters begins to grow, and the stray dog follows him home.
The voiceover then continues, “He witnesses happiness. Reaches a deeper understanding. Feels the love. Receives what money can’t buy. A world made more beautiful.”
By the end of this video, I was sobbing my heart out. It’s a touching video that will make you want to do good for the world.
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