Deaf Mom Is Invited Onto The Show For An Interview. What Ellen Does Next Leaves Her In Tears

Sarah is a mother of two lovely children. She’s a great role model despite being deaf. She was born with a special condition that caused the hairs in the middle of hears to not form properly. As a result, Sarah has never heard sound before, until recently…
In the video below, Sarah sits down for an interview on Ellen just eight days after receiving her first hearing device. It’s the first time this 34-year-old mother has ever heard sound before, and she talks about her experiences with Ellen. It cost $30,000 per ear for Sarah to finally hear again, and she assures Ellen that it was well worth it even though she could only afford the implant on one ear.
Sarah and her husband were unable to afford the transplant on their own, so Sarah’s mother-in-law, Lari, stepped in and did the unthinkable. She withdrew all her retirement savings in order to pay for Sarah’s hearing device out of her own pocket.
Ellen was absolutely touched by Lari’s act of kindness (as I’m sure we all are!) that she decided to add in a gift of her own. Sarah thinks she’s being interviewed on the show, but she has no idea that Ellen has a special surprise for her at the end.
Find out the surprise by watching the video below.
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