Dayton Couple Capture ‘Mind-Blowing’ Footage Of UFO Hovering Above Military Base

‘Mind-blowing footage’ uploaded to YouTube of a UFO hovering above a U.S military base in Dayton, Ohio has gone viral.

The video was filmed near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base by a couple watching the sunset from their home last Wednesday, The Mirror reports.

As she’s filming, the woman asks: “What the fuck is that? It looks like it’s moving with the clouds.”

That’s when another voice in the background chimes in, saying: “That’s fucking crazy.” Before another adds: “Oh my god, it fucking disappeared.”

The bizarre clip was sent to Secure Team 10, who are big fans of reporting the latest and greatest UFO sighting news.

Owner Tyler Glockner called the video ‘mind-blowing’, adding:

    It’s the same UFO. I am simply amazed, we have someone corroborating this sighting. There is no doubt in my mind this is either an alien craft or a very very strange drone – which I highly doubt.

Wright-Patterson is believed to be an alien hotspot, with many tales having been told about crashed UFO parts and alien bodies since 1947.

And in the space of 22 years – between 1947 and 1969 – the Air Force recorded over 12,000 sightings of strange phenomena, with 701 of these classed as ‘unidentified’, USA Today reports.

With Barack Obama set to make a huge announcement about UFO’s before he leaves office, maybe we’re finally getting closer to discovering whether the truth is actually out there.

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