80-Year-Old Man Sings A Coldplay Classic, And The Entire Audience Breaks Down Into Tears

Young @ Heart is a documentary based on the Young @ Heart Chorus, a group of New England senior citizens who sing rock and pop songs much to the delight of audiences around the world. They cover a wide range of artists from James Brown all the way to Coldplay.
In a tribute uploaded to their YouTube channel back in 2013, the Young @ Heart Chorus honored one of their beloved members who had passed away. 80-year-old Fred Knittle was loved by all his group members, and the tribute shows Knittle singing Coldplay’s “Fix You” to perfection.
Knittle was never trained professionally as a singer, and he did not make a living from entertainment. Instead, he worked at the Clarke School for the Deaf in Massachusetts. Upon retiring, Knittle’s wife encouraged him to audition for the Young @ Heart Chorus. Within the first few notes, they immediately accepted him.
Knittle’s touching performance of “Fix You” is beautiful, especially given his age. Even many of the audience members could not hold back their tears.
[Source: Youtube]

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