8-Year-Old Says Her Toys Disappear At Night, So They Set Up A Hidden Camera. It Captured THIS

Joann Moser’s eight-year-old daughter complained to her Mom that ghosts were real. At first, Joann brushed aside her daughter’s concerns as kids are often convinced of the strangest things. However, after her daughter’s toys vanished and disappeared on multiple occasions, Joanna decided to investigate. Something just wasn’t right…
This mother set up a hidden video camera with night vision right outside her daughter’s door. She hoped this would disprove the existence of ghosts and help Joann find the real culprit for her daughter’s missing toys. When the entire family saw the footage, they were stunned to see who was stealing the toys!
It turns out that Joann’s two-year-old son is one of the most intelligent toddlers on this planet. You will see exactly what I mean after you watch this hilarious and cute clip.
At first, the hidden camera footage shows all is quiet. Then, a door suddenly opens, and the little boy sneaks out of his room. He tip-toes to his sister’s door. He knows the door is locked, as his sister has been frightened by the recent events, but that doesn’t stop this boy genius from opening the door.
He takes a set of nail clippers and opens up the locked door. He makes sure he doesn’t leave any trace of evidence and enters the room. Seconds later, he returns and holds a pillow pet in his room.
Joann and her family couldn’t stop laughing when they saw the footage, and I couldn’t either! I can’t believe this two-year-old is a nighttime bandit.
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