11-Year-Old Holds A Flag And Salutes For 90 Minutes. But Watch Who Joins At 5:02…

June 6, 2014 marked the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion during World War II. On that same day, an 11-year-old boy launched his personal mission titled “Project Vigil.”
He spent four days educating visitors about 3 special paratroopers who fought in the war and were buried in the cemetery at Arlington.
The boy wanted to honor the soldiers who fought in the war, but the police would not allow him into the cemetery while wearing his WWII uniform. Instead, the boy headed down to Omaha Beach. Clutching an American flag in on hand and dressed in a WWII uniform, the boy planted his feet in the sand and saluted the soldiers who sacrificed their lives on D-Day for our freedom.
He held a silent salute for 90 minutes.
Standing alone amidst strong winds and the ocean’s tides, tourists and veterans stood behind the boy, admiring his patriotism. Some approached the boy to make sure they were seeing a real 11-year-old boy rather than a statue.
At the 5-minute mark of the video, a surprise guest joins the boy. What he does is the perfect complement to the boy’s mission.
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