100-Year-Old Best Friends Burn Popular Culture

The world is an ever-changing place. Since the Industrial Revolution, the disparity between life experiences of younger and older generations has been widening, seemingly exponentially.

Thankfully, we’ll always have old people to yack our ears off about how things used to be. If we’re lucky enough, we’ll live to be those old people. If we’re luckier still, we’ll have a friend with us along the way to do the same.

Alice and Irene have been so lucky. Friends for 94 years, the pair of 100 year olds are confounded by the state of pop culture today. The two appeared on Steve Harvey’s talk show to share their thoughts about selfies, Justin Bieber (or Beaver, as they say), etc. Personally, I can’t wait to complain about the young people and the crazy world they live in. Is it the future yet?

[Source: Youtube]

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