Twins Find Wallet Filled With Cash. Notice Veteran's ID And Immediately Knock On His Door

If you’ve ever lost your wallet, you’ll know how quickly panic can set in. When twin sisters found a wallet in the snow on their walk to school one day, they decided to do what many people wouldn’t – they returned it to the rightful owner.

With important documents like credit cards and your driver’s license, your wallet is something you need to have on you daily. When Makhia and Makyla Vincent found a wallet in the street, the first thing they looked for was an identification card.

They found several credit cards, hundreds of dollars in cash, and an ID that stated the owner was a disabled veteran. The twin’s grandfather is also a retired military man. The girls didn’t have to think twice before returning it to the address on the ID.

“I would hate [it] if that was my granddad, and that happened to him, so I knew we had to return it,” said one of the girls. The wallet’s owner, Marc Walsh, wasn’t home when they went to return it. They decided to act quickly and show the wallet to Marc’s security camera and leave it on his front step for him to come home to.

[Source: Youtube]

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