Performer stuns crowd with her guitar skills, but covers everyone in goosebumps when she sings

It’s every artist’s dream to be discovered and move onto bigger and better things. It’s the hope that your talent is so electric, your presence so irresistible that the world needs to hear your voice. These lightning in a bottle performances happen only happen every so often but when they do they stick with us. This video is definitely one of those performances.
 After work got out, Chicagoan Bo Rodda made his way down to the blue line to get home. What he wasn’t expecting was to see a performance that would rock his world. Everyone knows Fleetwood Mac’s mega-hit “Landslide”—it’s one of those iconic songs that means something different to everyone who hears it, a song that anchors you to one moment in your life. It’s a heart-rending ballad about the bittersweet pain of getting older. For all these reasons, it’s not exactly an easy song to cover.

Fortunately, street performer Ashley Stevenson was more than up to challenge. Rather than play it straight, she completely reinvents with furious Spanish guitar strumming and a mournful take on the vocals that is all her own. It’s hard to overstate how awesome this is. After all, competing with a vocalist as legendary as Stevie Nicks and coming out with something fresh is no small feat.
 The performance speaks for itself. What’s even more amazing is all the evening commuters who can’t look away as Stevenson plays. Everyone there knows that what they’re witnessing is special and rare. Though it’s not captured in the video, everyone bursts into applause when the song ends.

Good guy that he is, Rodda made sure to zoom in on Stevenson’s performer permit at the end of the video in the hopes of exposing her talent to a wider audience. After seeing this, we’re doing our part as well. Talent like this deserves to be recognized. Tell all your friends: Ashley Stevenson is a force of nature.
Let’s give this talented woman all the help we can. Be sure to check out the performance for yourself here. Her videos are also scattered throughout YouTube so be sure to seek them out—for another taste, here’s a pretty inspired take on Prince’s “When Doves Cry.” If you feel so inclined, find her on Facebook and offer her some encouragement (or if you’re a music producer, a record deal). Keep doing your thing, Ashley.
[Source: Youtube]

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