You Can Access Hidden iPhone Features With These Secret Codes

 Just when you thought you had gotten your head around your iPhone, it turns out there are secret codes that you can dial on your phone to unlock lots of useful Apple features.

This includes one which tells you exactly how much signal you have, by using a code which gives you a numerical value for your signal: *3001#12345#*

Just type it in and press call to launch field mode (usually used by developers). Then hold the power button until the ‘slide to power off’  options pops up. Finally hold your home button until the home screen returns, but now you will be graced by a number for your signal instead of the dubious bars.

A score of -50 means you have excellent signal and can get a HD Game of Thrones stream on, but if you’re at -120, according to Digital Spy, you might have to put the phone down and… read a book?
 If you’re in the mood for a prank call, you can now hide your caller ID properly, and with ease.

Entering *#31# lets you block your number for all outgoing calls, if you’re very private about who has your digits. And if you want to just block it on certain calls, type #31# directly before their phone number and your iPhone will hide your number only for that call.

Just don’t go too far with your prank like these guys did:
 Another useful hack is a code that will instantly give you your IMEI number – which you often need when you’re changing network or reporting a phone lost or stolen.

Very simply you just type  *#06# into the dial pad. You don’t need to press call, the IMEI number will just appear like magic.

Here’s one for all of you call dodgers out there (you know who you are).

This call-forwarding feature makes ignoring your mates relatively guilt-free, by directing any calls you get straight to voicemail. So next time you want to unplug yourself from the world, just dial *#21# to activate it and dial it again to turn it off.

Decisions decisions. Will I? Won’t I?
If you’re the other way inclined and can’t stand the thought of missing a call while on the phone, this code will quickly turn on call-waiting.

If you dial and call *43#, call-waiting will be activated and allow you to see if a second call is coming through, and will also give you choice to answer it. This is great for when you’re bored of your current conversation and want to quickly switch it up.

So off you go, enjoy your incredible new Apple hacks. You’re welcome!

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