World's Best Granddad Builds Handmade Roller Coaster In Back Garden

 Unfortunately, I never got to meet any of my grandfathers – and I had three of them – which is a pity. However, people across the globe seem pretty convinced that this grandad is the best in the world.

And yes, it’s very easy to see why.

This grandad is a retired aerospace engineer who isn’t letting any of his skills go to waste by building his grandchildren numerous roller-coasters in their back garden.

 Posting onto Imgur last night, the grandad shared an extremely detailed and technical post describing how he built his grandkids the beyond awesome roller-coaster.

I’ll save you all the technical jargon and just show you how fucking awesome this invention is: 

 Now it’s time to test it:
 Now to test it with a human…

 Here we go:

 Booyah – it was a success.
Speaking about the coaster, the Backyard Roller Coaster creator, wrote:
I retired from a career in aerospace engineering a couple years ago and decided to put my skills to use making backyard roller coasters for my grandkids!
Some comments on safety. I’m a big believer in both having fun and being safe. I worked 34 years at Boeing, developing new materials and joining methods, and coming up with steps to qualify airplane, space and military vehicle structures.
No one near the track when we’re running. I store the carts away from the tracks. Seat belt. I feel pretty safe. Is this more dangerous than sitting on the couch? Yes. But due to the controlled nature of the ride, extensive testing and safety precautions; I feel that it’s at least as safe as swimming pools, trampolines, skateboards, or any number of other things we let our kids do just because we’re more used to them.
What a guy.

If you fancy a challenge then feel free to visit the original Imgur post here where you can find out how to build this beast for yourself.

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