Woman watches a war veteran get out of his car, reunites him with his two lost dogs

In an episode of Animal Planet, volunteers Tia and Mariah performed a touching gesture that is quickly going viral.
Tia and Mariah had heard of Joshua’s story, and were touched by it. He was a war veteran who, upon returning to civilian life, found it hard to adapt and cope with. He felt out of place and was completely isolated from others. However, he came to love and adore two dogs that showed him the loyalty and support he needed to get back on his feet. Named Panda and Mama, these two dogs stuck with Joshua when nobody else would.
However, heartbreak struck when Joshua was forced to move to California. He couldn’t bring Mama and Panda with him, so he left them behind in Louisiana. He dearly missed his dogs, and he asked Tia and Mariah to bring them to California for him.
They drove the dogs to Joshua, where they reunited in Los Angeles. Joshua’s reunion with his two dogs is absolutely touching. It’s immediately clear his dogs missed him so much. They begin to wag their tails rapidly, and they jump on and kiss their owner. More importantly, the two dogs are finally eating again. They stopped eating when Joshua left.

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