We're guessing Brock Turner won't be coming home any time soon.

Brock Turner, the Stanford rapist, was released on Friday after serving just half of his already pitiful six-month sentence for raping an unconscious woman. And people are understandably unhappy with his early release for "good behavior."  In fact, some people are so unhapppy that they're camping outside of Brock Turner's house armed to the teeth.

Holding signs like “Castrate rapists,” around a dozen people have been using Ohio's open carry laws to basically terrify Turner into not coming home. They were outside the home on Friday and Saturday and promised to return on Sunday. 

According to WHIO, local police decided to watch the protest from a distance, while firefighters were called in on Friday night to wash the pavement which was littered with messages like "shoot your local rapist." 

 It's unknown whether Turner has returned home or not, though he has failed to register as a sex offender with Greene County Sheriff’s Office as of Saturday evening. Turner will be on probation for a further three years and will remain a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.

Michele Dauber, the Stanford law professor who started a petition to recall Judge Aaron Persky, also organised protests outside the county jail where Turner was released on Friday.

She also told Democracy Now! that the sentence for Turner was “overly lenient” when the state mandates a two-year minimum sentence. "With collegiate athletes, the judge seems to have a blind spot, and doesn’t see these felonies as serious crimes against women," she added.


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