Underwear Model Has Very Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunction Live On TV

[Source: Youtube]
In the past few months, dozens of models have fallen victim to a wardrobe malfunction live on TV, and unfortunately, this is no exception. 

This poor gal was modelling some underwear for Shapewear live on QVC and despite the incredibly snug fit of the beige and brown set, things were all very conservative, reports The Sun.

However, as the camera does a cheeky zoom into the briefs, it reveals that the beige pants were perhaps a little too snug as the brunette has been plagued by a pretty obvious camel toe.
 In all fairness, she kept going like a trooper despite the malfunction – even stretching the waistband with her hand to show just how easy the knickers are to wear.

And to think – nobody would’ve noticed had that cameraman not gone crotch crazy and zoomed in far too close.
Although the incident took place back in January, YouTube channel, BabesOfBritain – a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the world of lingerie models – posted the NSFW clip and it seems to be having a resurgence.

Hopefully, in the eight months since the wardrobe malfunction, the model has gotten over her bout of embarrassment…

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