This woman's complaint about a worm in her lettuce escalated hilariously

 LONDON — It's only been a matter of weeks since Jen, a member of travel company Skyscanner's social media team, led what may have been the greatest ever Facebook comment thread of all time — and now she's already got competition.

Enter Ross, a member of the Facebook team for British supermarket Sainsbury's. Last week, Ross was on the receiving end of an impressively creative complaint letter from customer Leila Jayne Daly, who had the misfortune of discovering a worm in her lettuce.

It all started when Daly used Facebook to make her views heard.
 Daly supplemented her glorious open letter with the following photo evidence.
 Luckily, Ross from Sainsbury's had clearly taken a leaf out of the Jen-from-Skyscanner marketing book. Later that evening, he got back to Daly with a carefully crafted reply.
 Daly didn't waste any time responding, and soon the thread had entered the negotiating phase.

 By this point, Ross had pretty much reached celebrity status.

 Ross didn't provide a selfie, but he was good to his word.

A couple of days after their initial exchange, Daly received something in the post.

 All in all, what started as a jokey complaint had a happy ending all round.
Splendid work, Leila and Ross.


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