This Is What Your Abs Look Like When You Do 3000 Sit Ups A day

At one point, he did 3,000 sit-ups a day. Although he has been working on his abs for years, Soon is always grafting away from the gym to maintain them.

"Now, since studying more about bodybuilding, I spend less time doing sit-ups and more time eating properly," he said. "I still do sit-ups and abdominal exercises every two days for 30 minutes to an hour."
Consuming a strict high-protein diet, which includes brown rice, bananas, protein shakes and supplements, Soon can eat up to 1.5kg of chicken a day. He eats 250g every three hours and spends around £380 on groceries each month. Bloody hell.

Now weighing more than 100kg, as well as giving Soon a successful modelling and fitness career, his hench physique has finally given him the respect he craved.
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He is not deterred by social norms and can sometimes be found working out up to four times a day.

"Koreans prefer slim body shapes and so mine looks different or weird to them," said Soon.

Sizing up at under six feet, Chul is also adamant that he hasn't used steroids to sculpt his muscles.

His girlfriend, Su Jeong Kim, admits that they both receive a lot of attention when out in public.

"I sometimes get a little jealous but I know he is a public figure so I was able to work it out," she said.
Soon is now planning to take his gym and personal training business, KleanFit, to the USA and China. He also plans to continue bodybuilding for the next 10 years, while continuing to receive the respect for which he has worked hard.

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