This Is What Animals With Eyes On The Front Of Their Head Would Look Like

 Animals are awesome. We can all agree on that. If you saw someone being mean to one, chances are you'd kick off. They're great, and we love them.

Unless you're currently facing the whole 'spiders invading your house' issue that seems to be going on at the moment (damn weather) you probably think they're much better than humans.

Plus, they're adorable.

Well, someone decided that too many people were thinking that animals were cute and decided to fuck up their perceptions by putting these animals' eyes on the front of their heads, rather than the side.

That person is Imgur user, Kiyoi. Damn you, Kiyoi. These pictures are creepy.

Their eyes moving slightly forward sounds alright. In fact, you probably never even noticed that their eyes were on the side. That's just how they look, right?

Check it out.

Here's what I assume is a deer.
 You've goat to be kidding me!
 Rabbit looks creepy. Kind of thing you wouldn't want watching you in your garden.
 I'd rather not swim with this dolphin.
 Pigeon's eyes can spot your fish and chips easier with this alignment.
 This actually makes the shark seem less scary and more thick.
 This chicken's eyes look dead and devoid of emotion.
Funny or creepy as fuck?

Featured image credit: Imgur/Kiyoi

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