This Is The Reason Why Rachel From 'Friends' Always Has Her Nipples Out

Today, we wrote an article explaining why human nipples have the tendency to go hard. Naturally, this lead to someone bringing up Jennifer Aniston's nipples on Friends, which I only discovered were a 'thing'. I'd caught on to them over the years, but I never made a compilation and put it on YouTube, you know what I mean? I just put it down to a cold studio atmosphere.

And then I remembered this one time from when I was a kid. Me, my mate and his bro were sat inside one Saturday on a grub break watching Friends. I don't recall the episode or particular scene, but it must have been one where Aniston's nips were having it large, cause it provoked my mate's bro to say: 'You know why you can always see Jennifer Aniston's nipples in Friends?'

'Nah, why?' we asked.

'She cut holes in her bra so her boobs could look good but natural' or something along those lines. Possibly more crass.

As a result, I've had the great misfortune of looking at videos of Jennifer Aniston's boobs this afternoon and I've gotta say, I think my mate's bro was onto something.
I Googled it, and found the most popular excuse was that Aniston simply had butch nipples. There were only two or three links entertaining the bra-cutting theory (and that it was the producers' idea), which although promising, doesn't rule it out entirely.

Anyway, it's conducive to deal with big questions by asking everyone for their input, so what are you lot saying? Why are Jennifer Aniston's nips so prevalent on Friends?

Source: The LAD Bible
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