This Is How Much Homer Simpson Actually Earns

Here’s a question you’ve probably never asked yourself – how much money does Homer Simpson earn every year?

Though you’ve probably never wondered, it’s quite interesting when you come round and actually think about it. How much dollar does TV’s most relatable dad earn per annum?

Thankfully, the good people down at Vox, have done their research and worked out just how much money our humble power plant safety inspector earns.
[Source: Youtube]
By taking a split-second shot of Homer’s paycheck from Season 7, the guys at Vox worked out that Homer earns $479.60 dollars per week, and thus $11.99 an hour.

That works out to around $24,395. Now if you adjust that for inflation Homer’s yearly salary is about $37,416 dollars (£28,662) – more than the national average in the UK…
 The video continues to explain that if the show is indeed based on the real life town of Springfield, Oregon, then Homer’s income would put him directly inside of the lower-middle class income bracket – which makes him even more relatable as a cartoon character.

However this is entirely based on his cheque as a nuclear safety inspector and, as I’m sure you all know, Homer has had one helluva lot of jobs – 191 to be precise.

Boxer, trucker, hippie, plow-driver, food critic, mayor, bodyguard, writer, to name but a few.
 Now Vox did a lot of work here and looked at the average salary for every one of Homer’s jobs before concluding that Homer has never actually got out of the middle class bracket.

After three decades of The Simpsons and Homer has pretty much the exact same yearly earnings as he did at the beginning – but hey, he’s doing better than me.


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