This Guy Tried To 'Mansplain' Space To A Female NASA Astronaut And It Didn't Go Well

Becoming an astronaut not only requires physical prowess but the brain of a genius too. So Jessica Meir, NASA astronaut and comparative physiologist, is kind of a bad ass. And today, she tweeted a video of herself inside a space equivalent zone, which is an atmosphere so inhospitable that water boils spontaneously. 
Thankfully, this random guy on Twitter who just so happens to be a "SpaceCampUSA alum," was on hand to help her through it.

If you're unfamiliar with mansplaining, it's got an actual dictionary definition now. It's when a man "explains something to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing." And if anyone needed an explanation of how space works, it's definitely an astronaut.

Twitter was just as thankful that this guy was on had to mansplain everything.  

While others complained about mansplaining. 

Unfortunately for the world of science, the mansplainer has since deleted his Twitter account, but not before one last tweet: "Again, I forget how everyone gets offended by everything." 

Thankfully, this guy mansplained it for him. 

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