This Dog Has His Own Little Harry Potter Room Underneath the Stairs

Reddit poster Fatisbac recently visited his aunt, who had just built a new home after retiring from teaching. While taking a tour of the new house, the Redditor couldn't help but notice that there was a very special room underneath the stairs. Nope, it wasn't for storage — it was an adorably decorated room custom-built for his aunt's dog.

Harry Potter fans are familiar with the boy wizard's uncomfortable under-the-stairs cubby situation at his aunt's house, but this pup's quarters are everything but cramped. In fact, the chihuahua has his own little bed (brass bed frame included), food bowls, a tiny dresser, and a mini piece of artwork on the wall. There's even a desk lamp and a hat hook!

While the room has no Harry Potter memorabilia in it, commenters couldn't help but make the connection to the beloved series. Many even suggested the dog's name be "Harry Pupper."

Take a look at this dog's impressive digs below:

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