These Dip-Dyed Bridal Gowns Are A Fun New Wedding Trend People Are Going Nuts For

 I'm all about fun weddings, it's the main reason I made sure that good food and tons of space/room for people to play musical chairs at my reception the top priority while implementing a zero tolerance policy on long-winded speeches.

I'm not saying my wedding was a really nontraditional affair in any sense, it's not like it was a Jedi wedding or one where everyone dresses up as their favorite Pokemon, not that there's anything wrong with that, but some people are a little timid to pull the trigger on straying too far from the "ideal" wedding ceremony.

But brides now are finding a way to infuse some fun into their ceremonies by mixing up their bridal gowns, and it looks pretty awesome.

They're called dip-dyed wedding dresses, and people are really into them.

 This particular gown was crafted by artist and James Linko for her wedding day. She airbrushed her gown instead of dipping it, but it ended up creating the effect she was going for. And to top it all off, she stitched some lace flowers to the bottom of her gown, so it even matched her bouquet. Nice.

If you're into Linko's designs, you can custom order them, but there are also plenty of other DIY tutorials as well.
 You'll probably want to experiment on some practice rags and old dresses before you go head-first with the your actual bridal gown, however.
 Bridal designer Lucy Scragg, made this dress by hand, but cautions adventurous DIY-ers that process is precise business.
 In an interview with Today, Lucy discussed her process, and why she's so in love with this dress:
"I test to ensure correct color intensity, shade, amount of fading and graduation of the dye...The thing I love most about the dress is how it moves. The blue fabric ripples and flows almost like water," she told TODAY. "It adds beauty, excitement and creativity to the dress."
And if you're looking for inspiration of your own, just take a gander at some of these beauties that might spark some ideas.
 Dipped-Dye dresses are also a favorite among mermaids, I hear.
 Or maybe you want to go a little subtle with it and rock out like Cinderella?
 This watercolor design is stunning too.
 You can even dye your gown's inner skirt for a cool surprise when you have to gather up your dress and make a run for the dance floor.
 And if you're looking for an outdoor summer dress, I mean, it doesn't really get much better than this.

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