The World Is Set To End In August 2017

Sometimes religious folk are a miserable bunch, aren't they? It's all 'you're doomed', 'say your goodbyes' and 'God will forgive your sins after you burn alive'. If we were living in an action film, God would be the sadistic baddie stroking a white cat while unveiling his plans to destroy planet earth. Luckily, I live in reality and am not convinced that the world will end next year, nor was I that the world was going to end a few weeks ago - or a few weeks before that. But if it does and I'm wrong this time, so what? That's my positive mental attitude talking.

Another group of hardcore Christians have claimed a solar eclipse is due to hit the UK and America next year, and an apocalypse will soon follow, apparently.

The natural eclipse will plummet countries into darkness and fuel the end of the world, wiping out everyone and everything on it.

Pessimists Doomsayers from Christian website Unsealed have alleged that the eclipse is expected to spread across America on August 21, 2017, with western Europe experiencing a partial eclipse.
[Source: Youtube]
The significance of this eclipse is that it will reportedly be the first total eclipse to travel from one coast of America to the other for almost a century. So why didn't this mean the end of the world last time? 

There's a passage from The Book of Revelation (of course there is), to support the group's predictions, the Daily Star and The Sun report.

It highlights passages describing women clothed in the sun with the moon at their feet, which is somehow relevant.

So yeah we're all doomed. So I suppose I may as well tell my boss to fuck off.

Source: The LAD Bible

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