The Profit Pablo Escobar Made On Every Kilo Of Coke Will Blow Your Mind

 As Narcos dominates our screens once again after Season Two officially dropped just a few days ago, it might be a good time to tell you just how the real Pablo made his dough. 

And shockingly, it’s relatively simple.

According to Shaun Attwood, author of Pablo Escobar, Beyond Narcos, when Pablo was new into the business he met with cocaine paste suppliers in Peru.
 At that particular time, cocaine paste in Peru was selling for approximately $60 per kilo.

Now that probably doesn’t mean all that much to you so far, but to Pablo he noticed there was some serious money to be made.

Why? Because that exact same kilo of coke could be sold in the U.S, not for $60 dollars, but for $60,000 dollars… So Pablo went ahead and smuggled it into America.

Shaun explains in his book:
To outsmart the authorities, his methods of transportation varied. He invested in submarines, commissioning his brother, Roberto, to manufacture them with the help of foreign engineers.
 Yes, that above is a Narco Submarine which was uncovered just a few years ago.

Pablo made so much money from cocaine that he became the seventh richest man in the world according to Forbes Magazine. From 1987, he made the Forbes richest list seven years in a row.

His total net worth is innumerable but some believe that it was up to around $30 billion.
Christ, Pablo had so much money he even built his own prison so that he could get sent down to jail in his luxury slammer.

If you want to know more about the man that is Pablo Escobar, check out both seasons of Narcos currently streaming on Netflix.

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