The Incredible Story Behind This 9/11 Photo And The Man Looking At Camera

A woman who spent years looking for the owner of a photo that was found at Ground Zero had the mystery revealed two years ago.

Elizabeth Stringer Keefe was given a wedding photo that had been found in the wreckage at Ground Zero in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attack. It became her mission to try to track down the people in the picture and to return it to its owner, the Independent reported.

After being given the photo by a friend, Keefe spent each anniversary of the attack searching out who it belonged to. But after tweeting it, the image went viral, prompting Fred Mahe to get in contact about it. He was the man looking straight into the camera.

Mahe, who worked in Manhattan at the World Trade Centre, had pinned the picture on the wall beside his desk, along with other pictures of family and friends.

However, he wasn't in the office when the attack took place, as he was getting the subway to work. In fact, all the people pictured in the photo are still alive.

During the aftermath he spent the days following the attack taking part in rescue efforts for his work colleagues, four of whom died. Afterward he completely forgot about the photo, as his belongings were insignificant compared to the people that were lost as a result of the attacks.

Talking to the Independent about Keefe's effort to track him down, he said: "I never would have thought it. 9/11 changed me. I saw the worst of humanity, the gates of hell open. But on 9/12, as I call it, we saw the best of humanity.
"And that's the coolest part of this story, that Elizabeth has persisted for 13 years to try and get this photo back to the people in it, to find out if they were dead or alive and get some sort of closure."

The photo is now housed in the 9/11 museum, a reminder of the atrocity and the goodness the response brought out in humanity.

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